Nervous About my Book Release

So, in a few days, I’ll be releasing my first novella in the Hemlock Ridge Mysteries series, Brewing up Murder. It’s my first novella written under this pen name except the one written in the anthology, Bride by Design, with Ruth Ann Nordin writing as Barbara Joan Russell. I’ve been writing under another pen name for about seven years. This is a whole new genre for me, sweet romances and mysteries. I have no idea how these will be received. With the other pen name, I’ve already built a platform, and many people know me. I have 10 times more Facebook friends under my other pen name than I do on this one. It feels like starting over again.

I know you might wonder why I didn’t just write these stories under the other pen name. It’s complicated, but it’s more about the difference in audience than anything, I guess. I have a lot of FB friends with the other pen name who are very supportive, but they don’t read my books because they don’t read paranormal romance. Some of those people might read these.

Anyway, I feel like a newbie author just starting out, so the nervousness is there. I just hope I can build a good platform with this pen name and actually get a few fans. The novella was well received by some of the fans of my other pen name. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard.

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4 Responses to Nervous About my Book Release

  1. Quit stressing! You got this. 🙂 Of course, I just did this very same thing, getting all hopeful about a new series….only to see it go kerplunk. Boo! Don’t worry about it, though, just keep on writing. In a couple of years you’ll have a bunch of publications under this name as well. You’re going to have more than two publications in the first year — great work!


  2. It’s hard starting over. We’re probably more aware of how hard it is because of all the time it took to build up our other platform and gain traction with an audience. I think a pen name can be smart when you’re reaching a different audience. If nothing else, it lets people know what they’re getting with one name vs. another. But having to go back to square one is definitely intimidating.

    I hope this book does well for you.


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