How Many Wise Men Were There?

Question: How many wise men were there who visited Jesus?

Bonus question: Did the wise men visit Jesus when he was still in the manger?

Sometimes what you’ve always heard isn’t factual! I’m interested to see what you all think! Let me know what you base your answer on.

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1 Response to How Many Wise Men Were There?

  1. Regina Hoesch says:

    The Bibel doesn’t say, how many, neither does it mention their name. People assume they were 3, because they brought 3 different gifts, gold, frakincence and myrrh. By the time they made it to Bethlehem from the east, Jesus was older than 40 days and they were living in a house. You can figure that out, when you combine the requirement of the cleaning offering after birth (Leviticus Chapter 12) with the account in Luke Chapter 2. When Joseph and Mary presented that offering, they came with two pigeons. That was, what poor people were required to offer. With the gift of gold, they could have afforded a sheep.

    Many bibles render the word “wise” men. The original greek means magy


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